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Carbon Removal Credits

We generate Carbon Removal Credits that represent Net Carbon Negative Impact on the environment, unlike other avoidance-based carbon credits. Carbon Removal Credits are crucial to achieve Net-Zero Targets.

By utilizing our proprietary technology to permanently capture carbon in biochar, sequestering our biochar generates carbon removal credits that hold international recognition and significant value. These carbon removal credits represent quantifiable and verifiable carbon removal, highly sought after by companies committed to attaining their Net-Zero objectives.

Our systems, operations, and biochar undergo thorough audits and certification in accordance with European Biochar Certificate (EBC) standards, widely regarded as the premier benchmark for carbon removal credits derived from biochar. We have conducted comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) through an independent auditor, affirming the efficacy of our carbon removal impact.

Our carbon removal credits are currently being traded on international marketplaces, with numerous reputed customers trading on the platforms. Speak to us if you wish to purchase carbon removal credits from us directly in large quantities.

*For CleanEnviro Summit 2024, we have listed limited quantities of Carbon Removal Credits for purchase here on a first come first served basis. Please get in touch if you would like to purchase more Carbon Removal Credits.