Development of Bluefield’s Biochar-infused Fertilizer

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Development of Bluefield's Biochar-Infused Fertilizer

In our pursuit of sustainable agricultural solutions, Bluefield is excited to announce the development of a proprietary biochar-infused slow-release fertilizer recipe. This innovative product not only promises to enhance crop yields but also offers numerous environmental benefits, positioning it as a superior alternative to conventional fertilizers. 

Biochar, often referred to as ‘Nature’s Black Gold,’ stands as a remarkable soil enhancer when applied in agricultural and horticultural contexts. Bluefield’s biochar is certified by both European Biochar Certificate (EBC) and International Biochar Initiative (IBI) bodies, it also complies with the stringent standards outlined in Singapore Standards 698 for biochar use in agriculture or horticulture. By infusing essential nutrients into Bluefield’s biochar, we have developed a slow-release fertilizer that not only inherits the advantages of conventional fertilizers but also harnesses the exceptional properties of biochar.

Our research and experiments in collaboration with agricultural scientists have demonstrated that Bluefield’s slow-release fertilizer recipe yields significantly higher crop yields, leaf numbers, and leaf areas compared to pots using common fertilizers available in the market. Notably, crops treated with Bluefield’s slow-release fertilizer exhibit substantially higher nutritional values than those grown with conventional fertilizer. 

At Bluefield, we firmly believe that collaboration is key to driving innovation and sustainability in agriculture. We warmly invite partners and farmers who share our vision of embracing sustainable agricultural solutions to collaborate with us. Engage us to explore leveraging our combined expertise to deployment of biochar-Infused fertilizer and explore new applications of biochar in various agricultural contexts

Project Benefits

Enhanced Crop Yields

Bluefield's slow-release fertilizer has been shown through research and experimentation to significantly increase crop yields compared to conventional fertilizers.

Higher Produce's Nutritions

Crops treated with Bluefield's slow-release fertilizer exhibit substantially higher nutritional values compared to those grown with conventional fertilizers.

Environmental Sustainability

Bluefield's biochar sequesters carbon in the soil, thereby aiding in climate change mitigation efforts.

Improved Soil Health

Biochar, known as 'Nature's Black Gold,' is a potent soil enhancer.