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Driving Decarbonization by putting the CO₂ emitted by mankind back into civilization via Biochar sequestration 

Our Story

Founded with a passion to combat climate change, the founders first came together in 2014 to develop the innovative Flexi-Pyrolysis technology acquired from a listed US defense technology company. The founders incubated the base Flexi-Pyrolysis technology and developed numerous intellectual properties (IPs) and know-hows on top of it. Through years of research and development, the team has also developed proprietary know-hows and recipes on how to process various types of feedstocks to produce high-quality biochar as an effective carbon-sink.

Our operations in Singapore officially started in 2023. Since then, seasoned experts and industry veterans with decades of combined experience have joined our journey to work towards Decarbonization. Today, we take pride to have established the complete Decarbonization value chain in Singapore, with a clear pathway forward for future scalability.

Why partner with us?

  • Innovative Technology: Our proprietary and patented cutting-edge Flexi-Pyrolysis technology transforms wastes into valuable resources instead of channeling wastes to incineration or landfill.
  • Significant Climate Impact: Our Biochar locks away CO₂ for centuries, making it a powerful carbon sink that significantly captures carbon from the environment. For each ton of Biochar we produced, we estimate it is equivalent to the CO₂ absorbed by ~120 mature trees in a year.
  • Technology Endorsement: Received multimillion-dollar funding for IP development through the Industry Alignment Fund-Industry Collaboration Projects (IAF-ICP), managed by Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).
  • International Recognition: Sole Asia firm certified by European Biochar Certificate (EBC) and International Biochar Initiative (IBI).
  • Impactful Carbon Credits: Our carbon removal credits create greatest environmental impact compared to other types of carbon credits in the market.


Join us on our journey to drive