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Bluefield's Proprietary Technology

As a pioneer in Biochar production, Bluefield has developed proprietary Flexi-Pyrolysis Technology to drive Decarbonization. Leveraging on the technology developed and system built in-house, Bluefield effectively captures carbon through large-scale biochar production.

Bluefield received multimillion-dollar funding for IP development through the Industry Alignment Fund-Industry Collaboration Projects (IAF-ICP), managed by Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

The entire end-to-end process at Bluefield has undergone rigorous review and auditing by third-party certification bodies, certifying Bluefield’s generation of Carbon Removal Credits through Biochar sequestration.

Advantages of our Technology


Process a wide range of inputs from Biomass (e.g. wood, leaves, husks, shells) to Scheduled wastes (e.g. plastics, sludge, tires).


Scale up effectively as it is designed to be modular like building blocks. 


Deploy directly at site, which can potentially reduce carbon footprint on transportation.

Energy Efficient

Create circular usage of energy to keep the system self-sustainable and reduce reliance on external power.

Attractive ROI

Engage us to discuss implementing our system, offering a short payback period.

Carbon Negative

Drive Decarbonization with our end-to-end carbon negative process supported by Life Cycle Analysis.